If you see a baby you are interested in,please email me or text,I stay very busy and most of the time when I am working I can't talk on the phone but email or text back when I can. Text is best due to a poor signal in my grooming shop.Thanks for your understanding.

miniaussiesrule@hughes.net or 903-654-2120


You choose your puppy from our pictures,a deposit is required to hold until weaned,we do not  have people "come to look" at  the un-vaccinated babies and when ready to go,we meet in a public for our safety and our dogs and puppies saftey, we don't know where people have been,if they have been around sick or un-vaccinated dogs or puppies or in areas where parvo is on the ground,we also don't know if people are vaccinated or have been exposed to Covid, I care for my elderly parents. Some people don't understand this,but the safety of our puppies and dogs is #1 to us,and we have had people "pick their puppies" from our pictures for 16 years now and all have been 100 % happy. I was a vet tech and groomer at a vet clinic for over 2 years and if you ever see a dog or puppy with Parvo you will never want to see that again.I wouldn't even walk on my property with the shoes I wore at work.



1)  Deposits are non-refundable before and after you get your puppy,so if you pay down on a puppy before it's weaned and decide you don't want to get that puppy,you don't get your deposit back,if you buy a puppy and return it because you decide you aren't responsible enough to own a puppy,etc you do not get your deposit back nor do you get a full refund.. Please think this through it is a life long decision,puppies are not disposable,they are like human babies and part of the family!!!

2) If you pay for a puppy in full by Paypal,you will need to add 3.5% to the total as they take that amount of my payments, $200 Non-refundable deposits can be sent as friend or family to avoid fee.

3) If you can't pick up your puppy within a few days of it being 8 weeks old you will be charged for boarding,these babies need to be with their new families at that time.

4) All of our dogs are Genetic Tested


Below are our puppies for Sale,but first..

There is a lot of confusion as to sizes and standards,some breeders breed Aussies the size of a Chihuahua and they dont even look like Aussies anymore,here are the standards-

STANDARD: Preferred height for both male and female is 18 inches up to 23 inches at the top of the withers.

MINIATURE: Preferred height for both male and female is 14 1/2 inches up to 18 inches at the top of withers.

TOY: Preferred height for both male and female is 10 inches up to 14 inches at the top of the withers.
ADSR does not have a teacup or Micro Aussie class!!

It goes my height not weight!!
It should be mentioned that in all classifications of Australian Shepherd, quality is not to be sacrificed in favor of size.

This is directly from the American Stock Dog Registries website!

This picture is of our toy male Outlaw and a Standard size Aussie,so you can see the size difference.




Ruby x Rebel 12/31/21

Copper-Red Merle Mini Male-$1600 Pet Price(Sold)

Shadow-Black Tri Mini Male-$800 Pet Price, higher if blue eyed

Scarlet-Red Tri Mini Female-$1000 Pet Price,higher if blue eyed

Raven-Black Tri Mini Female-$900 Pet Price,higher if blue eyed

We have a new Mini litter born 12/31/21, Not sure what we have in it yet, we aren't bothering the new Mom yet.  Our next litters are due any day now and we have started the waiting list for them





Breeding Rights are extra and not sold on all puppies and to all buyers.


Important Notice:For those not already on our waiting list,merle puppy prices,mini  males are $1200-$1600,females $1400-$1600,Toys are $100 higher than minis..Black Tri males-$800-$900(brown eyed) Black Tri females-$900-$1000(brown eyed),Red Tris are higher than Black Tris,Blue eyed tris are higher as they are harder to get.Toys are higher than minis.Our prices are still below all quality reputable breeders prices and we have the same quality healthy champion bloodline dogs and puppies!! Higher