Adorable, member of the family, Sweetheart, Loyal friend
& companion and much more. And of course a show stopper as well, I
can't go anywhere without thousands of compliments on her and her
personalty too. Tex is our pride and joy and we never leave home
without her. :) Lisa Halpain & Family,Rockwall Tx

Cheyenne Star puppies are pre-loved and pre-spoiled! We are so happy with Holly and Kate. They are healthy, smart, and have such sweet personalities. We can’t wait to add the new baby boy to our family!- Lisa & Chuck Barrier, Houston, TX

Xerxes is the sweetest most beautiful puppy I have ever had!! Also, people are always commenting on how handsome he is.  They can't believe how pretty his his blue eyes are!!! Chris & Pat Staudt & Family,Keller,Tx.


Hi Dawn,I am Dewey L McCoy’s mother and he gave me the male tri-color puppy as a gift.  I cannot describe to you what a joy he has been to me.  He is a beautiful dog and so smart.  He can sit, shake first with one paw and then the other on command.  He still has trouble with stay or come.  He is very mischievous and very healthy.  His hair is so, so soft almost like a kitten’s hair.  He now weighs about 18 lbs.  He was such a tiny puppy that I never thought he would get this big.  However, with that said, you certainly cannot have him back.  He is the highlight of my day.  Also he is definitely a water dog.  He has a child’s pool and loves to play in it.  We play every day for about an hour.  I toss his Frisbee and toy football in the water and he literally dives in and retrieves it.  Also he loves to blow bubbles through his nose.  It is a real hoot just to watch him.  When he wants to be chased, he tromps though all my flower beds and hides until I can find him.  He is a big tease.  I have had two large Aussies before and they were smart but Bandit beats both of the others.  This is my first time with the TOY and I love it.  He sleeps with us every night.  He loves to take a rope in is mouth and led me everywhere.  He also does this with his leash.  One more thing, he is definitely a traveler.  We made a trip to Lubbock recently, and he slept most of the way.  He never whined.  He slept in the front seat (on his special bed) of our 250 Ford Diesel Truck.  He never barks when the doorbell rings or anyone new comes in the house.  I am not sure he will be a good watchdog since he loves everyone he sees.  The only complaint I have is, he still likes to nip and bite my hands and feet.  Course he is only 5 months old so I pray that will change soon,Allonia McCoy,Katy Tx.

I purchased my Aussie close to a year ago and she is a joy!..Dawn was kind enough to meet us in Mesquite with her the day we picked her up!..Her name is Jessie and she is the best dog I could ask for!..I work at a vet's office and she loves to go to work with me!..She never meets a stranger. She is honestly the best dog!
Thank you so much,
Hanah Norwood,Paris, Tx


  It is important to me that I choose a puppy that does NOT come from a puppy mill and I shopped for a long time to insure that I did not make that mistake.
   Cheyenne Star Aussies are quality owners and breeders.
I have been so happy with my mini-aussie "Pudge" that I purchased! I have been so impressed with the quality of dog that my "Pudge" is, and I am certain that he came from a loving invironment.
                                          Thank you Mary Donovan


 I just wanted to let you know the pup "Dallas" that we bought from you about a year ago is doing great!  We renamed her ELLIE MAE. She is a great dog and loves my two little boys. She tries to "mother" them and is always looking out for their best interest.  She is exceptionally smart and is learning things so fast.  Thanks so much for the great blessing that you brought into our lives.  Julie Jaresh,Whiteboro,Tx.

Wonder is doin Great!..she is so smart!..she sits and fetches already! she weighs almost 4 lbs! the vet Loves her! and we spoil her rotten..she has two beds and a box full of toys! and she is so pretty.She is the light of our ya Deb & David Garza(and Wonder),Galveston Tx

I just wanted to let you know that Remington, we call him Remi, is doing
great!! He is so sweet and so playful and just  has brought so much joy
into our home! He has a great disposition and he is so smart!! He is
catching on quick to house training!! A couple of times we took him out and
came back in too early, he whimpered and whimpered and finally I realized he
needed to go out and sure enough he needed to relieve himself! He has not
soiled his crate once and has only had one accident on the tile floor. I am so amazed at how smart he is!! He and Cade, my two year are big buds!! Cade plays with
him all day and so good with him. I think Remi thinks Cade's his litter
mate! I cannot express enough how overjoyed we are and how wonderful lil Remi is!!!  Flower and Lil Outlaw did good, but a huge thanks to you!!!  Just sent a link to your website to friends  a minute ago who just fell in love with him!!!  Cheyenne Star Aussies are the best!!!  I want people who are looking for a new family addition to know what wonderful puppies you produce!!!  Remi is truly the smartest and has the best disposition of any dog my husband and I have ever had!!!
Marla and Dan Simmonds,& Family,Katy,Tx.



greetings,we just got back from a long trip to iowa.  it was oso's first long trip by car.  he did really good  my friends really loved him.  he did not bark at the cats and kittens.  he was quiet not barky when they came home. they would have liked to keep him  just telling you a gain  what a really wonderful pet oso it.  he is doing well in introductory to agility and we have started some retreiving  he is really quite good at it.  he and polly are best friends  he and frosty arefreinds but not super friends and he andsara  are also really good friends.  when we go to class everyone loves oso.  the teacher cant believe he is just a naturally good puppy  so mellow not hiper like polly.i hope you dont get tired of me telling you what a wonderful puppy oso is.   he is just not 11inches tall and he is almost grown  so he willbe small.  nov 7 my f riends and i are having pictures taken of our dogs they should be really good.  thanks again  carol & oso awesome, Fletcher,NC

 We are in love with this puppy. He is so cute and playful and smart.The Greers,Kirbyville,Tx.

Rowdy is such a sweet, loving puppy.  I had been paper training him, but he didn't seem to be catching on, so last night I started bringing him outside and said, "go potty".  The very first time he went right away and did so every other time I brought him out.  I praised him each time and he was just so happy!  He barely whined at all last night, and even though walking all the way outside from upstairs at 2am can be a pain, having a puppy that barely whined at all last night made it completely worth it! 
I also found out last night just how smart he is.  We had gotten some new treats for him and I thought I'd start clicker training just to get him used to noise = treat and to keep him awake longer.  Well, he caught on fast and so I decided to see if he could learn any tricks.  Within about 30 minutes he had learned "sit" and "down"!  My husband couldn't believe it.  He now does it on command, and not even 7 weeks old yet!  Just thought I'd share.  The Pinto Family,Spring,Tx.