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Tyler Hughes
03-17-2011 11:36:54 PM CST

Here is an update on little Nala who turned 2 months two days ago. She has been such a joy! She is very smart and sweet! We already taught her to play fetch and she loves it! She can also sit on command now. Thank you so much Dawn!

Angel   akemper86@gmail.com
01-03-2011 1:16:33 AM CST

Your dogs and pups are gorgeous! I currently own a mini aussie, Samson. He's a Black Tri, and is turning 2 years old this month! We are considering getting another mini OR toy Aussie friend for him very, very soon.. Also, we would like to contact someone about possible studding him out. I have attached a picture of our handsome man for your viewing pleasure :) Thank you!

Courtney Morris
09-29-2010 12:03:59 PM CST

We bought Ace back in April. He is the best dog!! He is so smart and loves people! He is the center of attention anywhere he goes! Thank you!

Courtney Morris
09-29-2010 12:03:31 PM CST

Lawrence   lawrence.h.allen@hotmail.com
08-30-2010 11:37:45 AM CST
Here is an updated picture of scooter..

Kathy Pyeatt   rancholococali@yahoo.com
05-09-2010 7:38:40 AM CST

Love your website! You obviously take good care of your animals. Look forward to my Dixie Chicks' Bleu.

frankgutierrez   frankgutierrez78@live.com
05-08-2010 12:44:42 PM CST
iwas looking thru ur pictures very nice,but some are sad to read about.

Dylan Wolver

Lil Balto

Dylan Wolver   dylanwolver@yahoo.com
04-17-2010 3:27:44 PM CST

Here's our little Balto! He's doing so great, and he is soo sweet. Today we took him to the bluebonnet festival here in Ennis, and so many people loved him. We also got him a bandana collar.

Billie Blue   dwbandbb@yahoo.com
02-13-2010 1:22:46 PM CST

Billie Blue   dwbandbb@yahoo.com
02-13-2010 1:15:23 PM CST

Dawn here is a picture of Annie, she is growing so fast, but still as sweet as she can be, we so glad to have her, she is so smart and so much fun to have, we could not ask for a better dog, we took her to the vet on the 10th for a check up and she now was 10 pounds and she loves every one, we take her with us to take the kids to school and she loves it every on goes crazy over her, she has to greet every one that comes in our house, she is just so sweet. Thank you for selling her to us Billie Blue and Family

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